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Website traffic generation, monetization and speed optimization, using
Artificial intelligence, and web-based robotics.

A disruptive information technology company, whose core mission is improving the current database of knowledge available on the Internet. Using a proprietary formula, we find questions people are asking, which have few or no useful answers, and then we answer them in articles posted on our website properties, using a combination of Artificial Intelligence, and Web-Based Robotics. The result is fast rankings, fast traffic growth, and a highly scalable revenue model.

Our methodology creates explosive rankings and valuable traffic by focusing on a key metric that remains overwhelmingly unnoticed and even ignored...

Have you ever performed a search on the web for the answer to a question, only to find out that the results did not accurately or completely answer your query? Unbelievably, this exact scenario happens millions upon millions of times per month. That is where our proprietary solution really shines.

Sighted technology fixes the World Wide Web of Information.

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven content production method allows our websites to become expert authorities on any subject matter by assisting our team in writing useful and informative answers to any questions left unsatisfied by existing answers on the web.

Over the past 16 months, Sighted has been working on a proof of concept with a core team of website developers, content marketing experts, writers, editors, and publishers, to develop and implement a proprietary formula for finding, researching, and providing answers to these underserved questions. Additionally, Sighted has developed a proprietary website framework that allows for up to a 5,000% increase in page speed over previous generations, delivering significant improvement in Google rankings and traffic.

The result of Sighted’s technology is an unprecedented user experience for even the slowest of Internet connections anywhere in the world.

By accelerating speed, Sighted website properties have a massive competitive edge in terms of rankings in the search engines and visitor traffic generation, over other competing websites using far slower and less responsive technology.


Google is all about user experience. They want to consistently serve the best possible results for their users. This includes providing results that are unique, engaging, insightful and valuable to the reader. It also involves having a website that is fast, and easily accessible on any device, even with a slow web connection. There are hundreds of issues that may prevent pages from ranking well in Google. Here are just 5 of the most common factors.

  • The website is too new or does not have any or enough backlinks pointing from other websites.
  • The website is targeting terms that are far too competitive.
  • The website is targeting terms that no one searches for.
  • The website content is poorly written or does not properly satisfy the searchers intent.
  • The website is poorly designed and may be difficult for the user to navigate or may be extremely slow to          load and even may have usability issues such as shifting items on the page during loading.


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Why should your strategy be to produce articles that answer questions that people ACTUALLY ASK?

99% of website/blog owners fail to do the proper keyword research when deciding what to write about. This leads to websites with hundreds of articles that never rank because:

  1. 1
    No one is searching for that information.
  2. 2
    There is too much competition for the key terms they are attempting to rank for.
  3. 3
    The article is not properly optimized for search.

Unfortunately, many people discover they have failed to attract even a single visitor to their site after months of misguided efforts and thousands of wasted dollars.

How much does this cost?

The articles we research and produce are of the highest quality available anywhere and will result in significant gains in visitors that are ready to make a purchase on your site. Our cost will depend on the type of article you want written, (Informational/Question Answering) or (Product Review), as well as the length of the article, and the number of articles you want us to research and develop for you.

How can I be sure that your strategy actually works?

We can show you many examples of our articles/websites and the resulting traffic and rankings increases, in detail.

Do you accept anyone as a client?

No. We are very selective with our clients. We only take clients that we are certain we can help.

If you are serious and have a minimum budget of $5,000.00 USD, I invite you to request a free consultation by filling out the form below. We will get back to you within 1-2 business days.
This one sounds more - hmmm relatable? Not sure if that’s the right term but it’s more appealing

Sighted’s Video Answers reimagined are next.

Most people do not realize that YouTube is one of the largest searched platforms in the world, second only to Google.

Another goal is to begin developing and automating processes for the development of video answers which will be researched, compiled, narrated, and published, all using Artificial Intelligence with Sighted’s proprietary Expert Systems. In the same way that our written content will be available as search results on all major search engines, our video answers will also be available as search results on all major video platforms such as YouTube, Odysse, Vimeo, and many others.

 Scaling a proven model using AI to decrease cost and increase production

Is it possible to teach an online robot to research and gather questions, then have artificial intelligence research the subject matter, write an easy to understand and detailed answer, perform Quality Assurance on itself, and then even publish the content to answer these questions automatically?

The answer is yes.

Artificial intelligence is now able to produce meaningful, insightful, useful information on almost any subject imaginable.

At Sighted, Inc. Our goal is to leverage AI technology, along with our proprietary expert system applications to significantly reduce and even replace the need for human researchers, writers, editors, quality assurance teams, and publishers. We want to reduce the cost to build these articles and increase production to a far greater level. This will enable us to take an already profitable business model and make it even more profitable.

Proving the Sighted, Inc. Proprietary Business Model

To prove this model, The team at Sighted, Inc. built its own Affiliate Marketing sites from scratch. The overall results have been a consistent growth of targeted and consumer-focused search traffic of over 500,000 unique visitors per month and climbing.

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