Revolutionizing the World Wide Web of Information Using Artificial Intelligence and Web-based Robotics.

“There are millions of searches performed, every single day, for which there are few or no relevant results on the entire web.”

Marshall Golub
Co-founder and CEO


Introducing Sighted

In late 2019, Marshall Golub, Co-founder of Sighted, was searching the web for a specific product for his elderly dog. Much to his disappointment, there were no relevant results returned. He began to wonder just how many people are searching for products which have little to no information available online. What he discovered was that millions of searches go unanswered everyday. This began a 2-year journey into research and the development of over 100 consumer-product-focused website properties.

During this time, we discovered two main factors which determine the amount of targeted search traffic that can be generated; page speed, and content built around these under-served consumer search queries. The result has been impressive, to say the least.

Our Technology

Sighted’s proprietary technology finds, analyzes, and filters poorly-served search queries. We then monetize these searches by answering them in insightful articles, along with relevant ads, published on our website properties. Using a combination of artificial intelligence and web-based robotics, Sighted builds recurring revenue streams by producing valuable consumer-targeted traffic.

Web Estate

Web estate refers to revenue-generating online website properties. Unlike traditional real estate investments, which require significant upkeep, including insurance, taxes, maintenance, and more, web estate is relatively inexpensive to acquire, maintain and grow.

It’s difficult to add more square footage to a physical mall. However, it’s easy to add more space to website properties. It’s just a matter of adding more content. We’ve proven that the right type of content will drive more visitors and expand the value and revenue of website properties. Acquiring and growing web estate is a core part of our revenue model. This strategy yields an immediate gross APY of approximately 35%, from day one, with expected growth of up to 100% in the first 12 months of applying our technology.

How Does Sighted Make Revenue?

Advertisers pay Sighted each time a visitor clicks on an advertisement or purchases a product. A click may be worth anywhere from a few cents, to as much as $100 or more, depending on the product advertised. Sighted’s website properties are monetized through the use of various types of display ads.

Proving Sighted’s Proprietary Business Model

The Sighted team has invested countless hours and our own capital into research and development. In less than 2 years, Sighted has managed to take our network of 100 websites to over 6 MILLION VISITORS and growing.

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