10 Reasons to Use An Online Invoicing Tool

As a freelancer or small-business owner for one thing is sure, if you don’t invoice a client, you don’t get paid. And as a business owner, who wants that? This makes invoices the bread and butter of an entrepreneur’s and freelancer’s world, so why not make this priority task as easy as possible. Online invoicing is a tool to help you do just that, but it does beg the question, “Why online invoicing?”. Well here we give you some of the top ten reasons:

1) It’s free!

Many online invoicing tools have a free plan that you can utilize. As your company grows, so does your budget, which makes it easy to use applications much like Sighted to customize a plan that fits the needs of your company as well as your budget.

2) You can utilize cloud technology

By utilizing cloud invoicing technology, you are able to more easily track and maintain your invoice records. Invoices done online are easy to store and do not take up as much space as paper invoices would in an office. Less inventory equals more money ending up in your pocket. Sound like a good plan? You bet!

3) Save time

Usually with paper invoices, you need several days for it to send over to a client. With online invoices, you are able to send invoices instantly through email. This keeps a record of an invoice on both sides. If one party decides to print out the invoice, they can, which allows them both options of physical and digital copies.

4) You can link payment to PayPal or Credit Card

With an online invoicing tool, you can easily link an invoice to a PayPal account or credit card. With a simple click, money goes straight to your account. This in the end ultimately saves time and gives you higher probability that you will get payment faster.

5) There are various options to invoice

You have options when it comes to online invoicing. Each has it’s various advantages and disadvantages, but all are there to cater to the specific needs of the business. A full-blown invoicing paid plan may work just as well for your company, meanwhile a free online invoicing plan may do just as much for another.

6) Know your invoice is always up to standard

An online invoicing tool is already put through the ringer, meaning you will be safe knowing that all requirements are fulfilled when filling an invoice out online. It’s tough to keep on top of regulations, so why not let your tool do that for you? Ease your concerns and worries knowing that your software is always up-to-date on standards.

7) Speed up the process to invoicing

Invoice templates are made simple. Applications like Sighted create user-friendly template invoices that make it easy for businesses to plug in the necessary information and send it on to clients. Our software even automates the process, by letting you save information and allowing you to input them with just a few clicks of a button.

8) Create an invoice anytime and anywhere

Online invoicing software allows invoicing to be always at your fingertips. Invoice on your commute to work, on the bus, while working at a cafe or coworking space of choice. No matter where you choose, as long as you have access to the internet you are ready to go.

9) Easily run reports on invoices

Many online invoicing tools make it easy to keep track of payments. By running reports at regular intervals a company can easily pull information such as, if clients haven’t paid a week, two weeks or a month on an invoice. Having this data easily ran can make for improvements in collections and communications in reaching out to clients more efficient.

10) Become an environmental ambassador through online invoicing

Paper invoices require, well, paper. On top of that they require envelopes and stamps to be picked up by a truck to get sent to it’s respective recipient. That same truck leaves a carbon footprint, all of which can add up to harming the environment in the long run.  Using online invoicing tools, you are escaping the middle man and saving a tree and a carbon footprint. Cut down on paper waste and you will find your costs cut down as well.

There are so many reasons online invoicing can be beneficial to a small business. Managing a small business is tough. Online invoicing can make it that much easier.

Join Sighted and find a plan that can work for you and your growing business.