Many people have a plan to set aside more money for their financial goals that they want to achieve, but they never do.

You save while you can ─ this is what my Mom always tells me ─ to set aside money from my paycheck to have something for the rainy days.

If you want to follow a simple process for identifying what’s important to you and start putting money away to reach your goals, then these 3 tips are for you:

1. Make a Priority of Your Goals

Let`s say that you have enough to pay your bills and cover the month’s expenses. In this situation, when you have everything covered, that small extra amount that you have left over can be put aside for a retirement plan or a rainy day.

Saving money is not fun but being secure sure is.

Although you can save money for your retirement, that doesn`t mean that you can`t have a good time. Let’s say that, after a while, you can start saving for your next trip or spa weekend.

Pick the top three priorities that you want to focus on now and then figure out how much they will cost you.

2. Setting Goals

Once you have your goals figured out, make sure to open a bank account for each of your goals. I have a sister that has a savings account for every one of her kids and one for family travels, as well.

She is adding $10 to $100 to each account whenever she can; you can do the same.

Ideally, adding a specific amount at the end of each month will be best, and if you are single, you can accomplish more. However, when you have kids’ priorities in mind, and they are changing, you have to think about their future before everything else.

Make priorities and make sure you go forward to that goal.

3. How to Save Regularly

A million-dollar question.

It can be hard for people that don’t have a regular income to plan and save on a regular basis. A client might leave, maybe you had a slow month, or you’re still trying to make sure you get payment from a deadbeat client. However, having kept that extra money from your last payment can help you in situations like this.

When you decide to save, make sure that you don`t spend on things that you don’t need. You don`t need to eat out every day ─ make your lunch at home ─ you don`t need to buy a newspaper ─ read the news online.

If you want to go to the extreme, you can even use Google Voice for your phone which is free to make calls to the US and Canada. That way, you can cut down on your call bills and everything that you have extra, you will save towards your goal.

Final Thoughts

Life is a changing circle. There is an old saying, “To have it and lose it,” don`t allow this to happen to you.

We live in a changing economy, and saving while you can will prepare you for rainy days, will keep you safe and even aid in reaching those goals that you always wanted ─ like a trip to Europe.

Life is short – buy the bag, go on a journey, but don`t forget to keep safe ─ save.

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