4 Reasons Why Time Tracking Is Good For Your Company

People don`t like to be micromanaged. On the other hand, if you have people working remotely, how can you track their time? How do you know how much time each of them spends on a specific project? Furthermore, how do you see what those projects actually cost?

Thankfully, today, companies like Sighted have their own time tracking tool that lets you track time and make invoices from the time logged for each employee.

Let’s take a look at what the real benefits are of having a time tracker for your company:

1. Access to Time Tracking

If you have people working from home, they can access the tracker from every corner of the world. Moreover, you can access and see the progress of each project.

While running your business from the office or at home, you now can see what your employees are working on in real time which is an excellent benefit for your business.

Imagine that you have a budget of 15 hours for a specific project. By using the online time tracker, you can see the actual cost and time spent on that project, and you can decide how to move forward.

2. Time Cost and Efficiency

Using a time tracker can help your employees to track time on the project when they actually work on it. You know those weeks at the office where you pay employees for 40 hours of work, and sometimes they did not work that much; you are actually paying for them to come to the office for 40 hours per week.

On the other hand, using a time tracker, and allowing employees to work remotely, they are going to be paid only for the time they work.

If you think about it, it`s a win-win situation for both parties, as your employees don`t have to come to the office and you are paying only for the efficiency of their work.

3. Good Organization

Having everything stored in one place, from invoices to time tracked to expense reports, means that your business is well organized and in good shape.

Imagine if you need to find an invoice that your employee sent two months ago, and you want to compare that to time tracker recordings ─ how will you find it?

Thankfully, invoicing tools can generate invoices from time tracking logs.

4. Transparency

When using an invoicing tool that has a tracker, your employees can actually see how much they have been paid. In case of a conflict regarding the invoices not being paid, you can refer to time tracking and all will be settled.

Final Thoughts with Sighted

Time tracking is essential for every business. You can track your expenses and time spent on each project and also have all the reports, invoices and time logs in one place.

As for the people that are using tracker, they will also feel relief because they can access it from every part of the world and they will be paid for every minute that they work.

Get started today here at Sighted where time tracking and invoicing is all in one place!