Thankfully, technology is on our side, and paper invoices are something that we can look for in the past.

The easy-to-use and convenience of having an online invoicing tool, such as Sighted, makes this technology more and more attractive.

As the trend of e-invoicing is growing, and people are adopting it more and more each day, let`s see what makes e-invoicing so appealing:


Governments across the world agree that e-invoicing should be adopted and used moving forward.

In the US, the government said that 2018 is the deadline to move to e-invoicing, and in Europe, by November 2018.

Moving forward, we can see more and more countries taking to online invoicing, as it`s fast, secure and you are getting your funds the same day.

Therefore, online invoicing saves you time and money so that you can spend both on making your business better.

Benefits for Businesses

Thankfully, because of the simple process of e-invoicing, more and more companies are embracing this solution.

They see the benefits that they have with this tool, as they can offer several payment solutions to their clients, can receive and send invoices from all around the world, and if they work with international clients, they can send them money in their local currency.

There is also the factor of money here, as companies don`t have to pay a bookkeeper to manage their invoices – they can do it all by themselves.

The Economy Matters

E-invoicing provides more accurate data. This is crucial for every business, and of course, you have a real-time preview of the economy as it happens.

People will also have instant access to information like past due invoices, cash expenses, clients that did not pay, and so on.

Everything that your business would actually need a team of people to do, e-invoicing tools do it automatically.

Go Mobile

This is probably the biggest benefit of e-invoicing – going mobile.

The opportunity to send and receive invoices from all around the globe is priceless. You don`t need to be in your office all of the time when you need to check your invoices, as you can check them from your PC, tablet or cell phone.

Online payments are speedy and you will receive your funds the same day, and as for the paper checks, you needed to wait a long time.


In today`s busy world, it`s all about time.

You, as an entrepreneur, don`t have time to manage invoices and certainly don`t have time to manage invoices on your own. And, who wants to spend time searching through old boxes to find old paper bills in the tax season? Not me.

However, with e-invoicing, you have everything in one place. From old invoices to invoices that are due to recurring invoices, and did I mention reminders? Yes, online invoicing tools can set up reminders instead of you doing it, for clients who did not pay.

Final Thoughts with Sighted

There you have it. E-invoicing will be part of our lives, and it will help us to be more efficient, to forget about old paper invoices and the shoe boxes during tax season.

Can you benefit from e-invoicing?

Yes, you can, and Sighted is here to help.

Register for free now and start to send e-invoices to your clients for free today!