In today`s busy world, entrepreneurs are barely in one place. The nature of their business is that they need to travel most of the time, but they are also human, and they need a vacation sometimes. Taking a vacation means being away from the office for a couple of days.

However, that doesn`t mean that your business needs to be on standby during that time. Thankfully, today, we have online invoicing tools that can help us to manage finances and invoices while on the go. You can be at the meeting with a client, or on a beach, and you will have all your information in one place, within your invoicing tool, and it makes managing finances easier than ever.

Getting Started

Before you go on a trip, of course, you need to plan and pack. Making a plan on how to manage your invoices while on holiday is not something you should do during your vacation.

Try and set up your online invoicing system before you go away. Test it several times, send and receive payments and invoices, and if that system has an application, test it while you are still at your home or office. You don`t want surprises while you are away while needing to send an invoice to your clients to enter their billing cycle.

Furthermore, if you have recurring payments, you can set that up before you go on a trip or a meeting and never think about it anymore.

Finding the Right Tool

This is not as simple as you may think. Even though there are many online invoicing solutions out here, finding the one that is good for you can be a challenging task.

Also, having the ability for multiple people who can access the same account and manage your invoices can be a significant benefit. This way, if you can`t access your account, you can ask someone from your office to handle payments for you.

Another point to note is the tracker. Some invoicing tools offer tracking options; this can be handy for you, as you can see how much time your employees spend on each project and the cost of each project.


First, you need to make sure that the platform you are using has top-notch security measures, as you don`t want to leave your personal information on a website that doesn`t have security.

Make sure that while on the road, you are not using open wi-fi networks, as they are not reliable and can potentially be attacked by hackers. Use your own internet or a pre-paid one, and of course, use VPN tunnels which can also be a good solution.


Follow-ups are another step that should, and can be, set up before you travel. You can set up an automatic reminder to clients that haven’t paid. I`m sure that while you are on vacation, overdue invoices are the last thing on your mind. But, I`m also sure that you don`t want to get the shock of unpaid invoices when you get back.

With this step, you can set up the system to send reminders instead of you sending them, and you can scratch that off your to-do list and avoid surprises after getting back home.

Final Thoughts with Sighted

Business lunches are important, and family vacations are a cherishing time that we will always remember, so why spend that time on invoices, reminders and overdue payments when you can have online invoicing tools do that for you?

Make sure to choose the right one, the one that has all the security that you need, all the access and reports that you can work with, tools that can be easy to use for both you and your clients, and a service that both of you can benefit from.

If you are looking for these invoicing solutions, create a free account here at Sighted. We offer all of these features, and it’s free to use as a starter account.

Get to online invoicing today, with Sighted.