People remember two parts of every job: when they start the project and the end of the project.

Invoicing comes at the end. It’s important for your reputation and your wallet that you get invoicing right. Even though you think that with finishing the project, your job is done, the reality is that your project is done when you get paid.

How can you be professional when sending an invoice?

1. Use the Best Invoicing Tool

You need to spend money to make money. You need to find an excellent invoicing tool that will help you in sending and managing your invoices.

Thankfully, today, you have invoicing tools like Sighted, and they are free, and most importantly, they are efficient.

Maybe you will think that you can manage your invoicing processes manually, but why would you spend time on invoicing when you can be focusing on other things?

2. Be Clear On What You Provide

This is the part where you need to literally spell it out: What you are billing, how much time you will spend on the job, and what your rate is.

However, don`t be too wordy, and add only the most essential information.

By doing this, clients will feel confident to pay you instantly because they will have all the information on the invoice that you send them.

3. Create a Policy

I always say that you need to have a policy, in writing. You’re running a business, and be sure to remember that and to create policies and stick to them.

If you have sent an invoice that says to pay upon receipt, and the invoice before that said to pay within 15 days of receipt, it will make your clients very confused, and you will look unprofessional.

State your policy and make sure that you are respecting it, and your clients will do so, as well.

4. Contact Details

The best way to get money from a person is to make it easy for them to give it. If they have all the information necessary for your invoice to get paid, the process will go smoothly.

When creating the invoice, make sure to include your full name, contact number, invoice date, email and the due date.

This way, if your client wants to contact you, he will have all the information in one place.

5. Follow Up

Your invoice is due, what now? Many studies have shown that a polite “Thank you, please pay on the due date,” and so on, causes invoices to be paid faster by 15%.

Maybe 15% looks like nothing, but regarding revenue, it means you are getting paid more often. Even though you are a freelancer, you are running your own business, and you are not different from a small business owner.

We all know it`s hard to be polite when someone is not paying you, but you have to be professional at all times.

Final Thoughts

Invoicing is a significant process, and it can be full of headaches, but you can also avoid all the hustle and time-consuming parts if you plan it right.

Make sure to add essential information and don`t lose your temper when someone does not pay you.

In the end, your reputation in the business world can make you or break you, so play your cards right.

To help with invoicing, use an online invoicing tool, such as Sighted.

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