Why Are Invoices So Important?

Making an invoice is a step that every small business owner and freelancer has to do; you work, you delivered the project, and now you need to get paid.

Today, we will see the importance of invoicing.

Getting Paid

You will get paid over invoices. When you complete the project, you need to send an invoice to get your money for the work done. The easiest way is to use an online invoicing tool, like Sighted.

You will be able to send and receive invoices from all around the world and have all of them in one place.

Sighted keeps all of your invoices and bills from all your clients and projects sorted by date, paid or past due. This tool will give you a real insight into your finances.

Record Keeping

Yes, I know you remember the shoe box with all the invoices and bills or excel files.

I have a friend, who since recently, had a drawer of papers with no single iota of organization, and he didn`t know which invoice was from whom.

Being organized and having invoices all in one place can help you monitor and keep track of your earnings and spending. Using online invoicing tools, such as Sighted, will able you to see your past, paid and invoices that are due.

Also, you will have all expense reports in one place. You can say goodbye to excel spreadsheets, as well.


When making an invoice, it is essential to itemize the things that you are billing for.

That way, the client will not be surprised by the total amount because everything will be described in the invoice.

This step will prevent long talks and arguments between you and the client and will help you to get paid faster.


Using an online invoicing tool gives you the freedom to show who you are and show your brand in a professional light.

Add colors of your brand to the invoice or add your own logo. If you are a graphic designer, this is a good solution to be creative and show your expertise.

If you show yourself as professional, your clients will treat you that way ─ as a professional.

Getting Paid on Time

When you are a small business owner or a freelancer, having a steady cash, flow is crucial. By adding due dates, you are giving information to your client when you expect to receive payments.

Also, by using an online invoicing tool, you are giving opportunities to your client to pay the same moment they receive the invoice, as well as to choose the payment option they prefer.

For you, using an online invoicing tool means that you don`t need to wait for that snail mail check to arrive.

Final Thoughts

Invoicing is an important process of every business.

How you handle it is all up to you. You can use online invoicing tools and have everything handled for you, or you can still use excel and a shoe box.

Keep in mind that if you don’t plan and streamline your payment process, it could mean the end of your cash flow.

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