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Simple & Convenient Features

To remove the hard work and ensure you get paid faster

Sighted lets you conveniently create, print and send invoices that make sense. Depending on your needs, you can tailor the invoice for product or service requirements. You can charge per hour, per project or per product and quantity.

You can attach important files, you can bill in any currency, have freedom over your invoice IDs, see the status of your invoices and their payments (unpaid, part-paid and fully paid) and many more.

With the expenses feature, you can very quickly record your expenses and organize them using categories, this way you know where you’re spending the most on your profit and loss report. Sighted lets you easily upload documents such as receipts, add references and link to a merchant /seller and draft notes.

With the growing popularity of electronic money, you can never be too sure about your records. Keep track of every hard-earned penny yourself, so you can see where all of it is going.

Impress your clients, get paid faster and be at the top of all your accounts. No need to keep waiting for your clients to pay into your bank account – let them pay straight away using the most convenient method. Sighted integrates with payment gateways. Getting paid couldn’t be easier – accept credit / debit cards or even PayPal payments on your invoices without the usual lengthy merchant setup process.

When you send an invoice to your client, they can see a link to pay the invoice using any payment method you set up within the system. Invoices are automatically marked as paid or part-paid as appropriate, once payment is received.

Sighted enables real time access to financial information, enabling you can learn from it. Do you need to understand how you’re performing over time? Sighted’s powerful reporting tools let you see useful and insightful data representation.

See the data representation from profit and loss to head-to-head income vs. expenses for the last 7days, last 30 days, last 3 months, last 6 months and longer. See who owes you and how your business is doing financially.

Your clients are the life-blood of your business that you can’t live without. Sighted provides a simple way to create and manage your client records. You can add more than one contact detail for your client records in case one of the contacts is on holiday.

These records are available to use on the fly when creating invoices, quotes and expenses.

The beauty of creating invoices in a snap is the ability to quickly select from stored service and product items. This means that you don’t have to keep repeating yourself.

Sighted lets you create and maintain an organized list of service and product items, covering their prices and tax details as needed.

Take advantage of the range of professional PDF design templates to choose from. Printing or sending a receipt is only a click away.

Once you’ve received payment for an invoice, your clients will appreciate that you can provide them with a believable electronic and printable receipt for the sale.

Very often, solo entrepreneurs and freelancers have to travel around in order to expand their business. Sighted makes it possible to issue invoices, track payments, maintain receipts and record expenses regardless of the time of day or your location.

Use us whether it’s at a job site, at a client’s home or from your display booth at a trade show or convention. Manage your financials from multiple devices and remote locations.

Sighted allows you to download your data in CSV excel format for further analysis. You can import clients, services, products and expenses.

Download your invoices, expenses, merchants and service and product items.

You can feel secure because every bit of your information is encrypted. We take your security of data and privacy very seriously.

Your data is stored with an industry-leading encryption technology which your bank uses.

Brand everything with your business logo. You can add a prefix to your invoice IDs and set currency exchange rates for multi-currencies. You can set your tax rates or set your business model options such as what you’re offering, e.g. providing services or selling products, your billing method, e.g. per hour or per project.

That’s not all! You can enter business specific details such as the registration number if registered, invoice notes, payment details, or customize invoices, provide quotes and receipts, email messages…and much more.

Tech. Support simplified

Sighted also recognizes that not every user is computer savvy. Therefore, we provide comprehensive support services to our users. Whatever your need, our friendly team can help at no extra cost.

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